What people are saying about Sacred G

There are more than 2.5 million Sacred G Sheets energizing the people and the planet at this very moment. More than 10 million Digital Downloads have been printed and blown people away at how they can clean the chemical taste out of water, amplify the amount of dreams they get while sleeping, extend the life of food in their fridge and double the strength of their health supplements.

Read what people are saying about their experiences with Sacred G Omega:

Lee shares his testimony about how Core Love's Sacred G Technology helped him get off his medication after his kidney transplant.

“I want to share with you a little bit about my experiences with Sacred G technology.

Back in 1998 I was diagnosed with kidney disease and my kidneys failed and probably about a little over a year later I had a kidney transplant. Ever since then – for about nine years – everything has been going smooth, but the longer it went on the more of these pills you have to take (immunosuppressive pills) along with all the other stuff.

And that begins to wear on you. At least it did for me. I couldn't get any sleep. I felt heavy and sluggish all the time. My thoughts were really cloudy.

So basically the new goal that I knew I had to reach pretty fast was to find a way to get off a lot of this stuff, if not all of this stuff.

So I started researching. I started looking on the web every day. I was looking for different solutions, but because I couldn't take anything internally due to lack of knowledge about how it would react with my medication, my options were very limited.

One online forum I came across had a thread about Sacred G. I read like all 17 pages of it.

Nobody really knew what was going on. Everybody in the forum seemed to have an opinion about what was going on, but one person posting in that forum was definitely a believer and saying that yes, this stuff works and sharing all kinds of things that had been improved in his life since he started using Sacred G technology.

So because of that one person's testimony of it, I decided to go and check this stuff out.

I looked at the website for myself and I spent like three months watching all of Core's videos because they are so packed full of information and if at all possible I really like to understand things before I use it. So I just went through it every day... watching more and more. I was writing notes down and reading my notes so I get better grasp the deeper meaning of it.

A lot of it made sense the more I watched the videos and everything, so I decided to try it.

I called to order the Sacred G and the sales rep on the phone was very good, very persuasive. Because she answered my questions, I was able to understand even more and I decided to just go all the way in and order some of the Sacred G books and experience it.

After reading all of the testimonials I was expecting a lot, but nothing happened.

Nothing happened for three or four weeks, so I called them and I asked if there was anything I could do to help this process out and to speed it up because I wasn't getting the same results that I was hearing about from other people.

Luckily I was able to speak with Core – the creator of Sacred G – and I explained my situation to him as best I could. And see explained to me that because I was on all of this really strong medication I would need to be patient and give it a little more time.

No more than a week after that, I started to feel kind of strange in my body. It was pretty uncomfortable. It wasn't a good feeling, but because I knew I had a transplanted organ... I figured that I needed to go in for a checkup because dialysis was definitely no fun.

So I went to get my blood drawn and look my numbers to see if my organs were fine and the doctor came back and was puzzled. He said this doesn't really happen, but we need to bring you down off your medication. He asked me if I had made any changes in my lifestyle.

First thing that kicks into my mind is that the Sacred G is working, but I want to know for sure, so I decided not to sleep on my Sacred G for one week and then go back to the doctor.

So I go back to the doctor and they say that they must have made a mistake and that I would need to go back on to the original level of my medication and maybe the lab messed up.

So after that I went back to my original doses. I began sleeping on Sacred G again to see what would happen and I went in again to see the doctors and get tested. They said again that I needed to come down on the dosages of my medicine back to what they said previously.

They were puzzled and they didn't know why it happened, because in their professional opinion... what they were observing with my body wasn't supposed to happen.

To their knowledge, I was supposed to stay on this medication all of my life and was never supposed to come down on the dosage of the medication.

After this experience I was very convinced me that sleeping on Sacred G was causing these effects and not sleeping on it was allowing my body to continue slowly breaking down.

My goal now is to get as many Sacred G books as I can to help clear this stuff out, so I can start to actually healing and resolving things in my life.

So if you're reading this and you're on medication and wondering if Sacred G works, then let me assure that you it works. Just give it time. More time than somebody who is not on medication and if you're not on any medication, then you're ahead of the game.

You want to get as many books of this stuff as you can, because it's going to work for you.

I just want to say thank to Core for creating this for everybody.

If this seems good for you, just dive in. I don't think you will regret it.”
"I started with a couple of cases of Sacred G posters and saw changes in my sleep and dreams immediately. Beyond that, I started to have insights about how to solve problems, my intuition was sharper and answers came more quickly. Before long, I had some undeniable experiences of my own. And my heart stopped aching. And I started to make remarkable discoveries about myself–what was true for me and who I am beyond all the stuff I have or haven’t done or been or had.

It has been almost eleven months since I was introduced to Sacred G and Cory Love, the brilliant creator of Sacred G Technology. So much has happened in that time it feels like it’s been eleven lifetimes. In a good way. I’m happy to say that my heart does have her say today. I feel more vibrant and alive and truly myself than ever before. I have a phenomenal network of friends, creative projects and work I enjoy, my relationships with those I am closest to have improved and I am finally at home in my own body."
Jody Lilly
San Ramon, California

Serena Carrico talks about her powerful first experience with Sacred G technology and all the shifts she was able to make in herself and witness in those around her. She shares her experience of a seminar that Core Love taught.

“My first experience with Sacred G was when I was moving into a new home with a friend.

She had a couple of Sacred G Bedsets stacked against the wall and getting ready to put them under the bed and enjoy herself thoroughly. I walked by that as I was touring the house and I thought that I walked by a ton of magnets – like a TON of magnets.

There was so much energy coming off it, so I excitedly asked her what it was and she told me to go ahead and have a seat on it. At first, I couldn't even bring myself to do it. I was looking at the boxes and thinking to myself wondering if I was going to sit on a bunch of magnets.

I was thinking maybe this was going to blow my mind through the roof, so I walked over and sat down on it and it was so intense that I had to get up like instantly. It was too intense for me and I didn't want to go near it anymore because it was it was so much energy flowing through my body. And so I asked her again, what this stuff was.

She said she wanted to show me the rest of the house and that she would tell me more about what this stuff was later. So after a while it passed my mind and I had forgotten about.

Later on she asked me if I wanted to see what was in the boxes. I said yes, for sure.

And she pulls out a sheet of paper. I'm looking at this sheet of paper and thinking, no.

I thought she as joking. She opens up the boxes and it's just more of these sheets.

And I'm thinking to myself, I felt that much energy from sheets of paper? Awesome!

Now I want to test this with some of my friends, so I invite a few people over and they too had a similar experience where I was casual chatting with them and gradually guiding them in the direction of the boxes with the Sacred G.

Eventually I let them know they can have a seat on these boxes. They sit down and their eyes just get all wide and they're looking at me asking me, what is going on! They said their legs were pulsing and they could feel this energy rushing through their bodies.

We were excited and that was my first experience.

I wanted to get some of this Sacred G for myself.

My friend recommended that I start of slowly because when you're sleeping on Sacred G you go through a lot of changes and your process a lot of stuff really quickly and if you try to do it too intensely at first, then you might injure yourself a little bit because it's so intense.

So I started off with some Sacred G and I had it between my mattress and box spring.

It was a really peaceful and enriching experience. There's no way to really describe the things that I saw or the things that I went through or the places I went, and the shifts I went through.

It was so subtle, but it was also so intense. So I went through those shifts in my life and decided that I was ready for more Sacred G. I'm ready to go. I'm so ready to just to go!

So I added six more Sacred G books under my bed and from that point on my life was constantly moving and shifting. For example...

My mom has been smoking for a long time with no desire to quit. I had put a lot of energy and thought into her quitting because I didn't want to see my mom becoming ill. So I was putting a lot of thought into and wonder how I could help resolve this and somehow in my dreams and then back into reality... My mom calls me and says that she wants to quit smoking. And I'm just smiling and laughing to myself.

So then I'm thinking about my little brother who is struggling to prepare for college and spending a lot of time drinking, partying, and hanging out with his friends. And I'm thinking how can I help nudge him in the right direction.

Automatically, I started allowing this LOVE to flow through my body and sending it to him.

It happened and his life shifted. He quit drinking and he's at school and is doing awesome.

It's very emotional too, because when you see this shifts happening not only within yourself, but also within your friends and family and in your whole world... you can feel that power just touch your whole world. It's beautiful!

And as far as learning new information...

It's very nice when you don't have to step-by-step go through a book or a manual to figure things out in life. You can just pick somebody's brain just a little bit and be automatically downloaded with the information you were searching for. It makes life easier and it gives you some time to really just take that knowledge and take it to the next level rather than just struggling through the same patterns repeating themselves.

I like to exchange knowledge with people and have people exchange knowledge with me.

It's indescribable that when you're learning from someone like Core who has activated his body so much, that the words you need to hear come just straight out of his mouth.”
Serena Carrico
"You can charge almost anything on this stuff (food, water, crystals, yourself) and you will experience major shifts in your life by putting these under the bed and sleeping on them.”
Sasha Tsidulko
Brooklyn, New York

Read Taylor Angelos's testimony about how Sacred G technology has helped heal her head injuries and how sleeping on it helps her recognize patterns and download answers to questions that she has. She has also grown a lot from the training as well.

“Hi, I'm Taylor Angelos and I am a private money mortgage broker in Hawaii. I was recently introduced to Sacred G technology from about three different people. I finally decided that I needed to find out what this was all about, so I ordered a bed set.

I didn't really know much about it or have too many expectations, but I wanted to try it out.

So I've been sleeping on the Sacred G bedset for about two weeks and the very first thing that I noticed was that I felt really good in my body when I woke up in the morning. I've experienced a few head-on car collisions, so my back and shoulders sometimes irritate me with pain in the morning. And the very first thing that I noticed was that I was feeling really good in my body when I woke up in the morning.

The second thing that I noticed was that my dreams were... it's like I was doing all of this processing and downloading of information and getting answers to questions that I didn't even really consciously ask before I sent to sleep, but I noticed that I would start asking these questions in my sleep and I was getting the answers downloaded to me.

It's been pretty amazing. It's definitely had an amazing impact on my life so far.

I feel like I'm processing things in my every day life differently. I'm able to not only recognize patterns, but move through patterns that I didn't even know I was stuck in.

And that's just from sleeping on a Sacred G bedset without any knowledge of what the technology is really about.

So now I'm interested in consciously understanding more of what it is going on instead of just having all of this stuff happening and not fully understanding how it works.

Now I'm starting to get an amazing foundational understanding of what's happening with the Sacred G technology and why it's happening.

Thank you so much for this transformational experience.

It's been amazing and totally transforming. ”
Taylor Angelos
Money Mortgage Broker
“Core, more than anyone I know, consistently channels and embodies a deep and profound understanding of how geometry works, particularly as it serves to advance the evolution of consciousness. His knowledge of the mechanics is a brilliant window to realize what is often left to metaphysical theorists. Core's Sacred G Technology activate changes or insights overnight in most people especially kids.”
Dawna Jones

Read David Shore's testimony about Sacred G and what it has done in his life and how easy it is to use. His plants on Sacred G grow more and he has experienced increased synchronicity and energy in his life.

“I want to share with you what Sacred G has done for me and my life since I've been using it.

This stuff is amazing. All you do is sleep on it. It charges up whatever is on it. You charge up yourself by sleeping on it, which is beautiful because it works for you while you sleep.

You can put your water on it, your food on it, your clothes on it. The more you use it for anything that you put in, on, or around your body, the faster it's going to work for you.

And the gentler the changes will be for you in your life.

It's been over a year now for me. My dreams have become very vivid. I'm always experiencing synchronicities. The right people have started showing up and so often I feel like I'm just always in the right place at the right time. What more can a person want?

It does bring up for you things that you've been hiding from all of your life ...things you don't even know you've been hiding from. And it helps you process and deal with those things.

The more Sacred G I sleep on the more amazing my dreams become.

My life is flowing better than it ever has before. It's totally freaking me out. The old me would have sabotaged it, but that self sabotage pattern seems to have been changed permanently.

I feel like I'm able to manage my life more easily. It's quite amazing.

I've even been able to significantly speed up the growth cycles of my house plants.

This stuff is so good. Really give it a chance and try it!”
David Shore
“Core has created a perfectly balanced full spectrum energy field that boosts anyone that uses it into higher states of consciousness. This technology really does harness the body and mind for energy that has previously been inaccessible.”
Mary Suhr Smith

Read Jayson Shawver's testimony about Core Love and how Sacred G has impacted his life and allowed him to manifest everything he's ever desired.

“Aloha, I am Jayson Shawver and I just want to thank Core Love for creating the Sacred G Technology and share with you how much it's change my life and thousands of others.

Here are my results and some the magnificent things that Sacred G has allowed me to do and has allowed me manifest in my life. I'm really huge on the Law of Attraction and deliberately using your intention, so you can manifest more of what you want in life.

Once you begin to sleep on Sacred G and use it in alignment with your intention, things start to magically show up for you faster. Whether it be relationships, prosperity, or just anything that you set your heart's desire on and it's truly awesome.

For a lot of years I struggled to find success and to find a relationship I wanted in my life. I was doing all of these things. I was reading all of these books. I was going to all of these seminars and workshops. And I would get pumped up and I would get excited, but when it came down to actually making it happen something was missing.

Core taught me that what was missing was energy and when you begin to align yourself with this powerful vibrational energy technology, miraculous things begin to happen.

I own my own successful business. I've actually worked from home for a long time now. I live in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. These are all things that I had written down as goals in my notebook.

And I would set my notes on Sacred G every night.

And at first of course, I was skeptical. I was skeptical because it seems kind of crazy that Sacred G can do what it does, but there is a lot of science behind this.

There's pyramids all over the planet. There's sacred geometry designs throughout every religious institution in the world. I've had my own personal spiritual experiences with them.

So I knew there was some truth behind it and I knew that it was the right thing for me to do to invest in the technology. So if you're wondering about Core Love and Sacred G Technology, just take it from me, because it's helped me manifest just about everything I've desired.

I have the most beautiful women that I could ever ask for. A very strong spiritual woman who sees the value in this technology as well and believes in it. We know this is awesome stuff.

Core is an awesome dude. He's a leader and his organization is leading a revolution in consciousness on this planet. Sacred G is waking people up and allowing them to live the life of their dreams instead of being a slave to their body.

I'm completely stoked about Sacred G, because it has change my life in so many ways.

I could go on and on and tell you story after story, but the best thing I could tell you is just to get on the technology and start sleeping on it. Start implementing it and using it in alignment with your intentions and magical things will happen for you.”
Jayson Shawver
Successful Entrepreneur
“Cory Love’s mission of delivering sacred geometrical codes to humanity is a tremendous gift to all of us. His Sacred G, a variety of encoded geometrical images, provides healing along with evolutionary physical transformation. They are wonderful tools in the environment, for the body, to cleanse and charge crystals, and to promote planetary evolution.”
Liona Anne Hress

Kara Ananda shares her experience of Sacred G. She immediately noticed an increase in energy, creativity, sleep, and business and a decrease in her allergies, hives, weight and seasonal depression. She uses it on her car, massage table, in her fridge, in and around her food and water. She feels Sacred G helped her with the grieving process with her deceased mother and her son's digestive issues.

“Hi, my name is Kara and I want to tell you about my experience using Sacred G technology.

I found out about Sacred G last year. It took me a few times looking at the website to finally go ahead and get the digital version and print it out, so I could test it and put it under my bed.

The first night when I lied down to sleep, I immediately noticed an increased input of energy in my brian. My mind kept going through all of these thoughts and thinking. I was having all of these creative ideas and feeling really inspired.

So I fell asleep and woke up the next morning after a pretty short night of sleep, but I felt really energized and inspired. So I thought that was fantastic! I went and printed off more Sacred G.

Within a couple of weeks I had ordered two Sacred G books to put under our bed.

Well the changes that happened on sleeping on two books of Sacred G immediately...

I felt more beneficial sleep. During the day I felt more rested and increased energy. I felt really creative. My business began transforming very quickly. I started attracting all of these really incredible people into my life. And people who were wanting more from then I wanted to give started flowing out of my life without me having to do anything to enhance that.

It just seemed really magical the way that our life has transformed within this last year.

My partner had a list of everything that he wanted in a new business space on a piece of paper and he had that list for over a year and he had already outgrown his previous office space.

Within two weeks of sleep on the two Sacred G books, he found the perfect office space that had every single thing listed on that list. It just manifested.

Additionally, I had an allergy that I had for about two years prior, in which I would end up getting these hives where I would get physically cold on my skin and my skin would get itchy and red. That reaction immediately started going away once I started sleeping on Sacred G.

That was amazing because I actually started sleeping on Sacred G for more energy as well as more health and vitality. I have a lot of ideas and lot of businesses that I'm working on and I'm also a mom, so I really wanted to enhance my health and my energy to accomplish that I dream to do in this lifetime.

I was astounded though because I had previously researched this allergy and found out that you could get it any time in your adult years and it would last for the rest of your life.

There were no solutions anywhere in the medical world or the alternative medicine world for dealing with this allergy. And it just immediately starting going away to the point where last winter I had a fabulous winter vacation for the first time in years. I went out in the snow and into the woods going sledding. And it was just really wonderful.

Additionally, this past winter living here in the northwest of America I normally get kind of a depressed mood. During this last winter I completely did not experience that. It was great!

This winter I felt really energized and active and in positive spirts throughout all of it.

Because of our experience with the two Sacred Book books were so great, we upgraded to a complete bed set. We even have two books under our nine year old child's bed now. We have a book under our couch. We put Sacred G everywhere! It's on our water bottles. It's on our fridge with our food. It's inside our fridge. It's in our kitchen cabinets. It's in my car. It's also on and beneath our computers as well as other places.

I have it underneath my massage tables. While I was doing body work treatments with people they were experiencing much more powerful releases as soon as I started using Sacred G.

So sleeping on the bed set has completely transformed my life.

My partner's business has accelerated and grown in incredible and wonderful ways throughout this last year. My business has completely transformed. I've been able to focus and clarify my goal of teaching and writing. I've been able to focus on that in greater ways.

It's just really satisfying. I'm so excited and inspired about life. I feel really good.

Additionally, I've had a lifelong allergy of pollen, which has plagued me in the spring time. Right now I live in Oregon, which has the worst pollen area in the United States and this year I completely did not experience any spring allergies at all. In my past, Spring has often been the one time of year that I might take some type of pharmaceutical drug. Otherwise I'm very naturally alternative medicine oriented and that's how bad allergies are for me, but I completely have not experienced that this year.

So along with the profound health and vitality I've experienced... there have been these amazing, creative, abundant, prosperous transformations of my business and my partner's business... My son has even been transformed. He was previously having digestive issues and headaches and some emotional issues. Today he's just so happy and loving now.

We decided to home-school him this year and we're just really blessed to have all of the resources that we need to be able do that because it's something we've wanted to do for a long time, but we didn't feel like we had the resources available to us.

Everything that I've needed to accomplish my long-term goals has come to me in this last year.

Additionally, I had the loss of my mother this past year, which was a very sad experience, but I feel like the fact that I had been sleeping on Sacred G really gave me the emotional capabilities to process that experience and in the best way possible... heal my relationship with my mom.

I'm really grateful for that because my life just continues to transform.

Over the past year as I began sleeping on more Sacred G, I felt the push to start cleaning up my diet, so immediately took out gluten and dairy. I saw great results with my son and I myself just started craving more and more greens. I was just crazy to the point where I was eating about an 80% raw living food diet. Now I'm 100% raw foods.

That's been really incredible. It's something that I've been really interested in and have been learning about over the past four years, but again I never felt like I had the resources or the strength to carry it through. This time it just happened so naturally. My body craved it. It's what my body wanted and it's just fantastic.

I've also lost fat. My partner has lost fat. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy shape, which I haven't been in ten years and I just feel really great about life.

So we've recently upgraded to another Sacred G bedset and I cannot wait to see what transformations are going to happen over the next year.

Over this past year, in order to learn as much as I could about Sacred G and understand why it works, I absorbed and re-absorbed all of the content that I could on the website, which has been really informative and I recommend that you learn as much as you can as well.

I've been learning so much about sacred geometry, quantum physics, epigenetics, consciousness, and really have come to understand that Sacred G is really where it's at.

What Core is teaching is real, it's true, and it's authentic. I'm really appreciative for having this technology and Core's teachings in my life. I really value having really intelligent people who are happy to provide this information for healing our communities and ourselves and Earth because this what we need now at this critical time in our lives as a global community.

We all really need to get on this technology because let me tell you...

Everybody that I've shared Sacred G technology with has made huge leaps and bounds in their own lives as well. It's just incredible to see people overcome lifelong chronic illnesses or lingering pains or manifest their dream jobs or help their children heal.

It's just really wonderful, so I'm very glad to help support Sacred G and let you know that Sacred G is where it's at. So get on it!"
Kara Ananda
“If you have not yet gotten this edition of Sacred G Omega yet, just do it. I know the price may seem scary at first but the energy you truly do get from using this technology is quite amazing. As much as I love the energy streams available for a much lesser cost. I love this because once you have it. The energy is forever.”
Masa Kitani
Professional Artist

Read Allison Lee Clark's testimony about being on the Sacred G for one year and charging her water, food, products, cell phone and how it's helped with her energy sensitivity, cleansing, meditation, communication skills, and healing of her vocal chords.

“Hi, my name is Alison Clark and I'm sharing this from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Some of the ways that I use my Sacred G are...

Charging my water.

Sleeping on on it.

My children sleep on Sacred G.

My husband sleeps on Sacred G.

I use it in my bathtub.

I also charge my lotions and my contacts, which are amazing. They last so much longer now.

Some of the other things that I use my Sacred G for are...

My food as well as my computer and cellphone.

And Sacred G has also had a huge impact on the amount of information that I can receive and the way that I utilize that information. It's helped me minimize my distractions and stay focused.

I've had two major cleansing experiences on Sacred G.

After the cleanses I've noticed that I have enhanced abilities in receiving sensations.

My body seems very much more alive, healthy, radiant.

And I can pick up on energies of other people in a deeper way through email and communication.

It's very intense.

In my meditations, which I've practiced for past two years, I've received downloads of information that have dramatically helped me in my personal life.

On this technology, my communication skills have just blown up.

It's helped me really improve my business and my relationships.

When I worked as a lifeguard, my vocal chords were damaged from the chlorine exposure, but since I started sleeping on Sacred G, I've noticed after a year that my vocal chords have began to sharpen up and become stronger.

And my communication skills are just really improving, so I better articulate my thoughts and feelings and have a beautiful outward expression.

So those are my experiences in a nut shells.

I've been on the technology for one year and I'm looking forward to sleeping on more Sacred G and seeing where it takes me, my business, and my relationships.

I just really want thank Core for sharing his information and creating this amazing technology.

It's one of those things that once you're on it, you can't go back to how life was before.”
Alison Clark
Nova Scotia, Canada
"This is the only energy system that I can use that doesn't stir up negative reactions or cause pain. I am so sensitive that I can't even use flower remedies or anything. I have been using Core's technologies for approximately 1 1/2 years and the growth and deepening that I have had is tremendous. I am continuously opening up to new possibilities and discoveries. My energy system has stabilized and I feel much stronger and aligned with my true self. I highly recommend this technology to anyone for grounding energy and the expansion of consciousness.”
David Cicia
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Read Loriel Hanon's incredible testimony about Sacred G, her struggle with her son's death, how she found Core Lov) and started sleeping on 5 bedsets of the technology, and experiencing awesome dreams, financial success, quicker decision making skills, and more creativity, intuition, synchronicity, energy, and happiness again.

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Location or Profession
"As my income increases in the future, I’m going to be putting a ridiculous amount of this stuff under my bed, as it’s beyond amazing. My life’s transformed SO much in such inspiring ways since I started on Sacred G Omega. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Rok Sivante
Music Producer & Blockchain Investor

Read Alysha Duran's testimony on Sacred G, sleeping on a bedset, and taking the energy healing practitioner course that Core teaches.

“I am Alysha Duran. I've been on Sacred G for six months now.

A change I've noticed within myself is now I'm more able to see the patterns in my life.

So if I'm going through a reoccurring pattern, then I can change the situation sooner than I normally would have ...in maybe months instead of years.

My dreams are definitely more vivid and actually help me work through a problem that I'm experiencing right now.

Now I'm busying more Sacred G and looking forward upgrading my life even more.

I've taken one of the courses and it was phenomenal. I'm so happy because that I've techniques that I've learned are absolutely amazing. Everything is on the cutting edge.

It's just all so phenomenal and amazing.

I'm looking forward to applying more of this in my life and going further!”
Alysha Duran

Who else sleeps on Sacred G?

"Sacred G is the truth... I gotta say, Sacred G truly has changed my life."
Rob Dyrdek
Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, TV Show Host
“Sacred G is not just a fad… It’s a revolution.”
Michael Ratti
National Watercraft Champion
“If you are going for the gold, get on Sacred G... Get on as much as you can!”
Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist Synchronized Swimmer
“Basically, Sacred G is cheating… It’s like taking steroids.”
Steve Berra
Professional Skateboarder