What Alpha Brain Waves State sleep is like on Sacred G

Alpha Brainwave States

If you notice that you're having nightmares. You're waking up the middle of the night.

There's a lot of emotion. There's a lot of past memories.

This is also reminiscing about old friends that you haven't talked to or seen for years. 

They're old connections.

These chords of energy either need to be cut or reconnected and reestablish a friendship again.

That's essentially the Alpha brainwave state

So if you have a lot of emotion coming up, you're essentially processing this Alpha brainwave state. 

Nightmares are one of the most incredible things that you can actually get when you're using Sacred G technology. 

If you have nightmares do not get rid of the technology.

Do not throw it away.

Toughen up and go through it because these extreme level negative emotions convert from your limbic system to your hypothalamus, which regulates body chemistry.

And this is the type of energy that generates diseases that literally kill you down the road.

So anytime that you can actually process and clear these extremely negative emotional states from your brain and body, take the opportunity to do so.

Because that's what's really going to protect you in the end.  

We all have nightmares. Occasionally once or twice a year we'll go through nightmares.

This is the brain's natural healing mechanism to help shut down or help release a lot of this extreme emotional energy, so that the body doesn't self-destruct. 

It wants to protect itself. 

Sacred G technology is going to help accelerate that process, so it's going to dig in and find more of this destructive emotional energy and clear it out and process it.

That's a major characteristic of the Alpha brainwave state.

When you start clearing your emotional states you can have emotions come up throughout the day.

A lot of times if you go lay on the bed with the technology it will help you clear that.

Carrying folded up Sacred G Sheets in your back pockets will help keep that energy flowing throughout the day as well.

When you clear these emotions you'll notice that underneath the emotion is a more subtle sense.

I like to say that you're either emotional or sensational.

In other words, you can actually pickup and sense feelings and emotions that are taking place in your environment and enables you to connect on a much deeper level to all the people around you.

So there are new senses that actually sit underneath.

Once you process the main core of all these emotions it just opens up another layer of life to enhance and enrich your senses as well as your very experience of life.

If you have memories and dreams of past friends, past family that you're connecting with in your dreams, then your body is clearing out those sentimental connections.

When it's clearing them out it's not erasing them. It's not getting rid of them.

It's just taking that energy the energy in them and utilizing it so that you can have that energy of sentimentality in your current relationships and friendships today.

A lot of us when we think back to our greatest friendships they're always when we were young and that's where all that real heartwarming energy is, but that's where it's all stored as well.

So the technology really helps to clear that up.

It enables us to have deeper more meaningful relationships today.

That's a really amazing that comes out of clearing your Alpha brainwaves states as well.

You'll also notice that you won't be so emotionally reactive as you clear out these brainwave states.

That's another really positive benefit to using Sacred G technology.

Sacred G is going to bring up major emotional traumas. 

Anything that's happened to you in your life that's been a major event, Sacred G will help not only to clear out that emotion, but help create simulations to train your body not to act the same ways that it would if you were in such a highly charged emotional state. 

In other words, it's not only clearing out emotion, it's getting you out of the patterns and cycles that were generated because of those extreme emotional traumas. 

So that's another one of the benefits of clearing these Alpha brainwave states with Sacred G.

About Core Love

About Core Love

Every now and then you hear a story that completely blows your mind, and far exceeds your expectations about what is possible within the realm of the human experience...

Core’s story is like no other, and he presents his message in a way that people can relate to and really connect with. It only takes a moment with Core to feel the energy and light he has brought back with him.

Core Love had his first Near Death Experience at the age of 10 due to a severe brain injury and severe memory loss sustained from a car accident.

He could not remember anything from before the car accident, and could not personally recall any memories beyond 5 days. In addition to the memory loss, Core continued to struggle with depression, seizures, schizophrenia, anxiety, and more, as he tried to live a somewhat normal life.

If that was not enough, Core’s brain began overproducing a special neurotransmitter called Di-methyltriptamine, or DMT for short. DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance produced in the pineal gland and is directly responsible for Near-Death Experiences.

This chemical would release in Core’s brain every five days, inducing a type of near-death experience that would last from 4-12 hours, with the longest one lasting over 4 days.

This excessive production of DMT resulted in Core having over 300 near death experiences in a 5 year period.

Spending over 1000 hours, earth time, on the other side, Core brings a powerful message and technology that will transform the way you look at life, and death... forever!

While on the other side, Core was exposed to extremely high energy states, which consequently began revealing high energy Physics and Advanced Sciences.

Before his journey through the afterlife finished, Core was taught how to build a technology that would eventually heal his brain and restore his memory, 14 years after having lost it.

On the other side, Core was shown what he refers to as “the visions” and was taken on journeys that make science fiction buffs weak in the knees.

Along with recovering his memory, he was also completely healed from the depression, anxiety, and seizures, although the visions, a softer version, still continue to this day.

As the creator of Sacred G Technology, he discovered that there must be a biological system in our body, that is communicating with the environment, in order to shift the ways we feel, think and act.

Over a period of 9 years and rigorous research, Core developed a mathematical model that predicts the shifts in brain chemistry as a result of the Sacred Geometry in the environment.

Using this model, Core developed a series of Art, often referred to as technology, since it can enhance and activate specific regions of the brain.

Sacred G stands for Sacred Geometry and is a new form of art that focuses into activating specific regions of the brain through complex mathematical geometry and color combinations.

Core has sold 2.5 million prints of his art in over 120 countries around the world since 1996 and over 10,000,000 digital downloads have been printed by people looking to enhance the functionality of their body, increase energy and do the simple tests.

Sacred G was featured on an entire episode of MTV's Rob & Big Show where Sacred G was revealed as a High Tech Pure Performance Technology while at the same time, awakening youth to the power of Sacred Geometry.