About Sacred G Technology

"I was given an incredible vision, message and technology to spread to the world during my 300+ Near Death Experiences. With this site, I offer all that I was given and more as a Service to the world in appreciation for the Visions I was gifted. Sacred G technology restored my health and has given me a life beyond my dreams. I believe that good health and an amazing life are the birthrights of every person on the planet and I hope this information and technology will transform your life the way it has mine."
Core Love
Creator of Sacred G

Introduction to Sacred G

Welcome to Sacred G. I am Core Love and through this site, I will introduce you to a technology that is designed to awaken your body and consciousness to a new, deeper level.

I have been given a message to share with you.

This is no ordinary message, nor is it something that I can share with you in a couple of sentences.

The message is something that you must become.

It is Sacred and must be experienced for you to truly understand its profound meaning.

Sacred means something that can only be experienced, something that can only be shared with those in the know.

With this site as your companion, join in and I will take you on a journey that you will never forget!

A life-changing journey!

You can work through this as fast as you like or you take as long as you like.

It’s designed to meet your personal desires and goals for building a more meaningful life.

For this type of personal achievement, I would suggest that committing to incorporating Sacred G technology into your life will be one of the most important actions you can take in reach of your highest potential.

Before you get started with that, however, I’d like to share the stories of my AfterLife experiences with you. I’d like to tell you how Sacred G technology came into being.

The Creator of Sacred G

Let me guess . . . you’re wondering the exact same thing that everyone that comes to this website is wondering. How did Core Love have over 300 near-death experiences?

How could anyone possibly spend over 1000 hours on the Otherside?

As incredible as the story to the AfterLife is, it is my story and one day, it will be your story also.

So how did I have over 300 death experiences?

The explanation is actually very simple.

In 1990, when I was 10 years old, I was involved in a very serious car accident and suffered a traumatic head injury – severe enough to cause bleeding of my brain tissues.

I was very lucky to have survived.

It was during this trauma that I experienced my very first near-death event (NDE).

It wasn’t anything magnificent.

One moment, I was sitting in the front seat of my Grandmother’s car looking at all the blood splattered everywhere and the next thing I knew, I was up and out of my body, sitting above the car, looking down at all the commotion.

I was kind of nervous about what was happening, but this man came and sat next to me in the air.

It’s kind of weird, saying “sitting next to me in the air” or that “this presence came and sat beside me in the air.” Nonetheless, that is what happened. He said to me, “It’s going to be OK, you’ll be back very shortly. Just relax... its part of the process.”

The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital.

From that car accident, two major things occurred that changed my life.

The first one was the complications from the brain injury.

I suffered both short and long-term memory damage. My long-term memory was severely impaired, and my short-term memory was good for about three to five days.

It was strange . . .

I couldn’t recall memories by myself, but if someone brought them up, I could remember them.

Memories existing in an everyday awareness simply did not exist.

I came to understand that when people talk about being in the moment, being in the moment means that you don’t have a lot of extra memory baggage weighing you down.

This state of memory-less mind made me a very happy-go-lucky person.

I didn’t have any worries or cares, or fears, or anything.

Without a fully functioning memory, I was always just really, really in the moment.

A few years later, around 1994, something very unusual started happening with me.

Being in the moment started to mean that there were two very different moments to be in.

In one moment, I would be happy and celebrating, giving life everything I had.

In another moment, I would look around and not recognize anything . . . or anyone!

I would be in the moment, but without any short-term memories.

These times were very frightening and confusing.

I would not know how to behave or what to say.

In the beginning, I think these episodes threw me into a state of shock.

When I had an episode, I usually tried to remove myself from everyone and everything.

I would huddle in a corner, afraid because I would not recognize my surroundings and I wouldn’t know where I was. My whole body would be in a state of shock, and I would always say the same prayer: “Please God, please help me, please take me away from here. I don’t know where I am, I don’t know what I am doing.”

After my very heart-felt prayers, this energy would float through my body and everything would become very peaceful.

Gradually, this process happened more and more often as time went by.

I would have an episode every five days over a period of about six months.

The energy that would surge through my body kept increasing every single time it visited.

And then around the age of fourteen going on fifteen, something changed.

The energy would surge through my body so fast that it would literally pick me up and take me out of my body and I would suddenly be in the same undefined place that I had been when I had my first near-death experience right after the car accident.

This continued for five years . . . like a perfect cycle, every five days, my body would go into shock, which would trigger the release of an incredible energy.

This energy would send me into a near-death experience and I would find myself in some sort of other world.

For several years, until around 2004, I didn’t really understand what was happening to me.

I didn’t understand the mechanics of the process that I was going through.

Each episode into a near-death experience to the other world lasted anywhere from four to twelve hours. The longest episode lasted in a peak state for about four days. After that length of time, it seemed to take a couple of weeks before I felt fully re-oriented to the earth plane.

These incredible experiences taught me many things.

I soon learned that the other world was actually the Otherside and it was here that I met many great beings and I was privileged to be their student.

During my visits to the Otherside, I was given the technology to heal my brain.

This happened from approximately 1995 to 2000.

By 2004, I had developed and used Sacred G technology to the point where my memories slowly began to return. This was the Ascender design at work.

The Transporter also helped my memories resurface.

It’s been a really incredible experience!

So that’s how I experienced over 300 near-death episodes.

But many people ask me . . .

What was REALLY happening in my body for this to happen?

I believe that the source of my experiences lies in the pineal gland. There is a chemical produced inside this small, pine-cone shaped gland called DMT . . . short for dimethyltryptamine.

It is a naturally occurring tryptamine and sub-neurotransmitter that mimics serotonin to some degree. It’s also a hallucinogenic compound and there are trace elements of DMT in our brain tissue, blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid.

Many myths and legends have linked the pineal glad to spiritual experiences of Otherworldly visions.

The Egyptians referred to the pineal gland as the third eye, the connector of the body and soul.

Rene Descartes believed that the pineal gland was the seat of the soul.

Today, a lot of research is being conducted as to the properties and purpose of this small gland.

Many scientists believe that the chemical DMT may be the link that connects us with the Source, which lives beyond our bodies. It informs us as to who we are as a spirit.

When the amount of DMT is increased in our brain, the connection to the Source is very sentient and we feel like we are spiritually home.

Typically, the release of large doses of DMT is believed to occur twice in our lifetimes – when we are born and when we die.

There are several hypotheses that argue for the possibility that large doses of DMT create a portal that allows a person to break the veil and travel into other dimensions.

In its naturally occurring state, DMT is the chemical pathway to dreaming, which usually occurs when a person is in deep REM sleep.

There are many available videos on DMT if you’re interested in learning more about this chemical with such a mysterious reputation.

I believed that large doses of DMT acted as a facilitator of my 300 near-death experiences.

I think that my brain injury reconfigured some of my brain’s neuron pathways and in the process created a trigger that forced a release of larger than normal productions of DMT.

While in the beginning, it all scared me . . . now I am very humbled and grateful for all the trials and tribulations my brain has given me.

Without those, I would not have had the incredible experiences from the Otherside and without those, I would not have the incredible technology of Sacred G to share with you.

A lot of people are curious about how I started working with Sacred G technology.

Where did it come from?

Well, I can tell you that it had its own evolutionary path . . . it didn’t just start with the print-technology laid out on a flat surface. A lot of people have asked me ,”How can you put these designs onto a flat piece of paper and expect them to do anything?”

In the simplest of terms, everything is energy, energy comes in both a particle or a wave.

With Sacred G technology, vibrating waves are emitted from the designs and are absorbed by the cells in the body. The waves carry information as all waves and particles do and the body’s cellular structure responds to the information encoded within Sacred G.

It is really no different than information on a microchip that uses a flat surface to direct energy (like electrons on a microchip) through specific pathways.

Sacred G uses the same principles to direct energy through the designed pathways illustrated on paper. Just like a microchip has software that extracts compressed programming into usable information, Sacred G has a unique extraction process to convert the design energy into a three-dimensional environment, which includes your body.

So, you could consider the designs as microchips, which convert energy into information for a computer. In this case, the computer would be your body.

So, you see, it really is quite quantum-ly simple.

Before Sacred G, I used several other vibrational technologies for healing.

Within any vibration, there is light, sound, magnetic fields, electromagnetic fields and also pressure.

Most people aren’t aware of the various elements that can be used within a vibrational system.

I have worked with all of them, and Sacred G is really the amalgamation of all the elements that are part of a vibration.

I consider it the capstone that holds all elements together.

With Sacred G, I can influence light waves, sound waves, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields, although not essentially within the fields themselves.

But I can add energy to the underlying structures by adding layers of density and depth.

It is like using sound or light as a carrier wave to include extra Sacred G information.

In 2000, I designed and built a unique type of bed . . . the Enhancer Bed.

The bed incorporates light, sound, magnetic therapy, and intense sentient qualities that are derived from an essential oil blend and intensified by the bed’s construction.

The bed is absolutely amazing!

There is a specific preparation ritual guaranteed to heighten the Enhancer Bed (EB) experience.

The first task of preparing yourself for the EB is “to take your medicine.”

Just kidding . . . there is no real medicine!

However, my teachers gave me the recipe for a special clay mixture that will absorb body toxins as they break apart during the use of Sacred G technology.

The clay mixture is formed into small tablets and easily swallowed.

That’s the medicine . . . and you are probably wondering what it tastes like.

It tastes earthen as you might imagine that clay would.

The second task for preparing yourself is quite pleasant.

You need to mist your nude body with an essential oil blend of 137 ingredients.

Incorporated into the bed’s design are eighty different colored lights that shine on your body while you are lying, stretched out on the bed.

Then 14 high-strength magnetic necklaces are draped over your body.

As for music . . . I was instructed how to build a custom CD for chakra therapy that is embedded within many different types of music in the background.

In total, there are 40,000 minutes of every kind of music you can think of, compressed to play 100x/minute. With the compressed music embedded on a seven chakra CD, all you can hear is a slight hum, yet you can feel a major difference from a regular CD with no subliminal programming.

This CD promotes an internal awareness through beautiful, evocative music, triggering each chakra to activate for a vibrational healing. The special quality of this CD is the embedded vibrational information that resonates with the chakra system to release the charged memories that they hold.

Behavior patterns are stored within the chakra energy centers.

When the chakras release insightful information on how our behavior patterns serve us, it becomes much easier for us to address our negative and nonproductive issues.

Sacred G is a huge component of the CD.

For those with a Star-Trek affinity, I also have the popular Voyager glasses with little red lights that flicker on and off, displaying a dizzying array of geometric patterns.

All of these modalities work simultaneously, creating something like a sensory overload- chamber.

The Enhancer Bed certainly lives up to its name.

In the past, I would use the bed for about an hour and a half every day.

My experiences were always expansive and peaceful.

I would quickly feel myself float right out of my body and go into this infinite plane.

I would just expand outward until I could feel this eternal quality of being.

It was very similar to what I felt during my near-death experience when I was swept into the tunnel and immersed in the Light.

You can read about that incredible experience in my book, My Journey to the AfterLife.

The Enhancer bed was so pleasurable that it became an entity unto itself.

My girlfriend and I could have an argument and I’d say, “Let’s go to the bed!”

So we’d go to the bed and after 30 to 45 minutes, sometimes an hour later, we would arise completely calm, with no charge whatsoever between us and we’d quickly realized that in our arguing, we were essentially saying the same thing . . . we were just having communication issues.

After using the bed for about a year and a half, I realized that I had grown from this technology as much I was meant to and it was time to move into developing other technology systems.

However, before moving on, I had one more element that I wanted to experiment with and that was water.

I placed several 5-gallon jugs of water onto the bed and let the water cook for several days.

This water was to replace our normal drinking water.

It turns out that my experimenting was actually quite dangerous.

I could tell that the Enhancer water was powerful, and within minutes of drinking it, my heart started rushing and palpitating to the point that it dropped me to my knees.

I thought I was having a heart attack! My brother and girlfriend experienced the same reaction.

This is when I became humbled by the power that is inherent in vibrational technology and I learned that it is like the ocean . . . powerful, unstoppable and it demands respect.

For years, I have heard people say, “Oh, it’s all vibrational energy. It’s all positive. It’s all good.”

But I learned from my experimenting that vibrational energy is extremely powerful and there’s a lot to understand about it.

I’m sharing this with you, so that you will know that I’ve studied and experimented and I know what works and what doesn’t work with vibrational technology.

Vibration works just like chemistry . . . it’s basically a mathematical form of chemistry. So, if you start getting too much of one vibration, your body can be thrown off-balance.  I was beginning to learn just how important vibrational balance is . . . so I started asking a new set of questions.

How many different colors are there?

How can you get a balanced spectrum of light or color?

How do I know which vibration to use with people?

There was so much manual calculation in trying to understand which sound vibration has what type of effect on which organ in the body.

One sound vibration may affect a specific organ in one person, but it may affect a completely different organ for another person.

For example, I found that the color blue affects me in one way, but it affects other people in a completely different way.

I began to understand that our bodies are internally wired very differently.

One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply when using vibrational technologies.

Each of our bodies is different . . . we have own unique print, just like our fingerprints or retina print.

They are customized and so is our own internal vibrational wiring.

We each are unique with our own individual code that needs to be cracked.

I started searching for a full-spectrum vibration, which was perfectly balanced.

In other words, it would resemble a perfect white light, which is the totality of all colors with a perfect vibrational balance of each color.

In the process of searching, I studied a lot and constructed a lot of technology with electricity.

I actually built technology that was similar to the construction of Stonehenge – post and lintel.

It’s really a funny story.

One day, I may make a video demonstrating this technology so that you can learn how to build little mini-Stonehenge water chargers for yourself.

This work was the starting blueprint for the more advanced Sacred G technology on a flat surface.

Eventually, I came to understand the whole spectrum of vibration.

The only way that I could produce the new technology was in a 2-dimensional form on a flat surface using Sacred Geometry.

With Sacred Geometry, I could control the angles.

Using angles, I eventually figured out which angles would produce what types of vibrations.

Understanding that this invisible force of energy is governed by a mathematical system of vibration, I built a mathematical model that made it possible to capture this energy in a 2-dimensional form.

Included in your Sacred G, is a 3-hour video series that teaches some of the basics about the mathematics of Sacred G technology.

They are easy to follow and offer a lot of information.

After much studying and experimenting, I finally found a formula to create a full- spectrum vibration that works as an agent to stabilize energy and can be integrated into any healing modality.

Sacred G includes a full-spectrum vibration that works by directing the appropriate vibration to its corresponding region of the brain.

Most importantly, it triggers the pineal gland to activate more fully.

One very valuable aspect of a full-spectrum vibration is that it operates as a freedom vibration.

It opens us up to choice and in this way, it forces us to open ourselves up to receive choice.

Once we have choice, the technology moves us to a place where we are often critical of ourselves and quick to lay down massive amounts of judgment.

That is essentially what Sacred G does.

It goes internal and exposes belief systems that are locked into one setting . . . a setting that does not work very well in advancing your potential.

It awakens a small, still voice that is very powerful.

This inner-voice reminds you that you CAN change.

You CAN alter, and in some cases, completely erase belief systems that no longer serve you.

The full-spectrum vibration is an integrative agent, and that’s what makes Sacred G technology so powerful when used with other modalities.

Every healing modality focuses on specific areas of the brain for healing parts of the body.

Sacred G is a powerful complement to healing modalities because it activates regions of the brain that are often missed with specific, targeted treatments.

Sacred G helps to integrate new programming changes into your life.

When you use healing modalities and various healing products and technologies, you are accelerating the natural healing processes that typically take place at night while you are dreaming.

The more healing that takes place, the more powerful Sacred G will become.

If you are a health practitioner and wish to accelerate the results of healing modalities and help your clients integrate the healing work that they do, advised them of the positive consequences of working with Sacred G technology.

So, this is the story of how Sacred G came to exist.

It came out of a search to find a really stable, perfectly balanced vibrational system that you could continuously add to in order to reach higher and higher states of consciousness.

It is a technology that will keep you stable, balanced, and of course, very spiritually pure.

The supreme intention in creating Sacred G was to find a vibrational technology that could work in and through the body to heal all aspects of a person’s life.

Sacred G is a technology . . . a powerful energy in a 2-dimensional format that is designed for physical and spiritual healing, in order to activate higher levels of functionality with the human body.