35 Uses of Sacred G

35 Ways To Boost Your Energy With Sacred G

The following categories are listed in order of importance.

Place Sacred G in every area of your environment to get the maximum benefits.

I find it best to place them in ways where the technology will not be damaged.

For example, in the closet, you can tack the Sacred G to the wall behind your clothing.

In your fridge, tape the Sacred G to the sides of fridge and underneath the shelves.

Be creative!

1. Sacred G for your Mattress

Place the Sacred G books between your mattress and box spring to encapsulate yourself within the energy all night long. You can also place the books directly on the floor.

While you are sleeping, your body is working to heal itself and refill your energy.

Your mattress is the optimum place to use Sacred G technology.

Every night, your energy will continue to increase as it is the long-term solution for permanently boosting your energy levels.

If you are working to heal your body and activate the Law of Attraction, continue adding Sacred G books underneath your mattress.

The more Sacred G you add, the more powerful your experience will be.

2. Water

You can have unlimited amounts of pure energized water using Sacred G technology, which is programmed to a level higher than any other vibrational modality.

Charging your water is vital to reducing any negative cleansing effects from releasing toxins. Sacred G water is extremely efficient in hydrating the body and increasing your energy supply.

Using large amounts of Sacred G can energize your water to such a degree that you can use it as a dietary supplement to replace one meal a day.

Simply drink a large glass of Sacred G water whenever you are hungry.

3. Food – Fridge, Freezer & Pantry

Placing Sacred G books or Sacred G sheets inside your fridge, freezer, and pantry will lengthen the shelf-life of your food. The technology will assist you from over-eating and help you to lose weight.

For best results, use tape to attach the posters to the sides and back of the fridge or on the undersides (for protection) of the shelves. Charging your food will increase the absorption rate, which will reduce the amount of energy the body needs for digestion.

Cleansing the digestive system will be one the first consequences of using Sacred G. This will free up your energy and enable your body to start eliminating toxins (reducing fat along the way).

Charging your food will help prevent future toxins from entering your body and it will also help prevent waste buildup in the intestines.

4. Fruit Bowl and Bread Basket

Extend the shelf-life of your fruits, vegetables, and bread by keeping them on top of Sacred G designs. The technology will increase the taste and satisfy your hunger faster.

Eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible for optimal levels of energy.

Replace processed sugar with natural sugar from fruits.

This is an especially powerful practice for children.

It will eliminate emotional outbursts, rage tantrums and fighting with family and friends.

There is a great deal of research on ADD/ADHD, depression, bipolar, MPD and other afflictions on the energy systems of children that supports the elimination of processed sugars from their diet.

Fruits are a safe and natural replacement, especially those charged with Sacred G technology.

5. Kitchen Utensils

Charge all your dishes, glasses, and cutlery with Sacred G.

The technology will pass the charge into your food and drink.

6. Health Supplements

Supplements and nutritional shakes are being used by millions of people on daily basis as a way to improve and maintain their health. If you are one of the millions – Good News!

You can double or in some books, even triple the positive effects of your supplements/shakes by storing them on Sacred G technology.

Herbs are also wonderful to charge, as the different varieties affect different areas of the body.

Using a specifically charged herb is a powerful method that allows you to focus into your body and decide exactly where you want more energy directed for accelerated healing.

7. Sacred G Full Body Energy Cleanse

Stand with each foot on one Sacred G book.

Place another Sacred G book on top of your head.

Feel the energy trickle out of your fingertips as you are bathed in Sacred G technology.

Now place two Sacred G designs between your hands.

Feel the buzz.

This activity is a quick energy booster.

It’s a process that builds up energy pressure (acting as a cleanser) throughout your body.

The more places you place Sacred G Technology, the more energy you are going to experience and the better you are going to feel.

Have fun, experiment and see what you can discover.

Energy is a playful system that utilizes the imagination to its full extent. The only limitations energy will ever have are the limitations that you place on it through a lack of imagination.

8. Bath Tub

After a hard day at work or an extreme workout, the body needs to relax and unwind and what better way to do this than with a soothing bath.

Place the Sacred G waterproof stickers on the bottom of the tub to charged up the water.

This assures that the water will assist the body in healing and increasing energy. Charge a five-gallon jug with Sacred G and add this to your bath for an extremely powerful experience.

Try adding some bath salts to clear out the lactic acid and then add some Fusion 157 essential oils to help give your body an extra boost.

Sacred G will make your skin silky smooth by breaking apart the clusters of water molecules enabling a deeper cleanse.

9. Massage Oils / Lotions, Shampoo & Conditioner, etc…

A lot of everyday products that we use on our bodies are filled with toxic chemicals.

The more toxic our body is, the more fat the body needs to neutralize so that it can store these toxins. It’s a lot of extra work and it burns energy that could be used in more optimal ways.

Search for natural/green products.

Remember that your skin will digest anything that you put on it – so anything you put on it, you should be able to eat or drink!

Add some Fusion 157 essential oils to energize and increase the healing benefits of all of your beauty products, soaps, lotions, etc…

In addition to the oils, charge all your skin/hair care products with Sacred G technology.

This will aid your body in eliminating any chemicals that are not beneficial to your optimal health.

10. For Body Pain

Massage oils charged with Sacred G will be transformed into a powerful pain relief solution that works extremely well as an application to a specific area of the body that needs healing.

Simply face the Sacred G book towards the area of the body where you want to increase energy and eliminate pain.

Sleeping on Sacred G has been known to eliminate chronic back pain within days.

11. Clothing

Your clothing is the first line of defensive between you and your vibrational environment.

Place Sacred G books in your closet and drawers to keep your clothes boosted with energy that will stay with you all day long.

Be especially careful when choosing laundry detergents.

Most are filled with chemicals that are not good for your body and will easily rub into your skin, adding toxins that will decrease your energy levels.

Find a natural and green laundry detergent to use and you will see a subtle difference in your energy. All of the green decisions that you make will significantly add to massive boosts of energy for you and an overall healthy state.

12. Jewelry

Magnetic and ionized bracelets are popular to use for boosting energy and relieving pain.

That’s the upside.

The downside is they are usually expensive and they don’t have much style.

With Sacred G technology, you can supercharge all of your jewelry while you are asleep.

Charging your jewelry is a powerful technique to boost your energy throughout the day.

It also assists the body in maintaining emotional stability.

13. Improving Eyesight and Multi-Dimensional Vision

Sacred G has been known to improve eyesight through the regular practice of staring into the design, 15 to 30 minutes a day.

Sacred G will also produce some interesting multi-dimensional visuals along with heightened states.

Placing Sacred G sheets directly on your eyes for at least 15 minutes a day will awaken your ability to see energy and energetic fields that surround everything.

There are layers upon layers in this reality. When you can sufficiently amplify your energy through Sacred G, your body will unveil new layers of energetic fields for you to see and experience.

14. Contact Lens / Glasses

Place Sacred G under your glasses, contact lenses and cleaning solutions to make them last longer.

Some people have reported disposable lenses lasting 3 to 5 times longer.

15. Extreme Performance Enhancement

Take your performance to the next level by using Sacred G in any sports activity.

Placing Sacred G sheets on skateboards, surfboards, athletic gear or team uniforms will enhance your performance and improve your game.

16. Candles

Charge your candles with Sacred G to fill the air in a room with positive vibes.

Try this practice during or after there has been an argument in a room.

The charged light and aroma will help clear the air and frame the conflict in more peaceful terms.

Charging your candles will helps boost your concentration and clear your head allowing new inspiring thoughts to come through.

Using Candles with Sacred G is great when working on any creative or artistic activity.

Use Sacred G with candles that enhance meditation, enabling access to deeper states of mind.

Natural and alternative health practitioners love this simple practice when working with clients as it keeps the energy moving around their environment, negating all stagnant energy.

17. Crystals and Precious Stones

Certain stones will generate a massive influx of energy sensations throughout your body after they have been charged with Sacred G.

Experiment with different types of stones and crystals.

Different types of crystals will each create a different and unique feeling.

Crystals pick up all kinds of vibrations from the environment, so it is important to clear and activate them with Sacred G for maximum energy output.

18. Meditation

Sacred G is great for meditation!

Sit or lie down on several Sacred G books.

You can charge up several crystals or rocks and place them on your body for a deep resonance.

Burn some candles on top of Sacred G to take you even deeper.

Listen to some nice music and let the energy take you for a ride.

19. Yoga Mats

Place Sacred G books or Sacred G sheets underneath your yoga mat to instantly increase your strength and flexibility.

Sleep on Sacred G to increase the healing at night, while reducing any pain from physically training your body.

Sacred G can be used to support physically demanding exercises and accelerate healing as well.

20. Vision Boards

Have you ever heard of a vision board?

A vision board holds pictures, photos, quotes, anything 2-dimensional that represents what you aspire to . . . what your dreams are. It becomes a physical representation of you accomplishing your goals and achieving your heart’s desires.

Attach some Sacred G to your vision board to add extra energy to your intentions.

If you sleep on Sacred G, place a vision board between your mattress and the Sacred G books for an accelerated manifestation.

The energy will convert the visuals of the vision board into information and pass the instructions to your cells to start the materialization process.

This practice will program the energy necessary for building the life of your dreams.

21. Positive Influence

Do you ever wish that you could change the world in a really big way, so that people are happier, more prosperous and enjoy their life as life was meant to be?

You can help in this regard by placing photographs or pictures of authority figures on Sacred G to give them some positive vibes.

Fill them with positive energy so that they will make more positive decisions that will benefit all of us. This practice works great for corporations also.

You simply use the corporate logo to charge with Sacred G.

22. Animals Love Sacred G

Pets will notice the effect of Sacred G instantly.

Once you begin using Sacred G for yourself, your pets will start sleeping on your pillows and bed.

Cats will chew on the stickers, trying to get into where the energy is.

Turtles will swim at hyper speed.

The reactions of pets are one of the easiest ways to see the power of Sacred G technology.

Simply place Sacred G under your pets’ food and water dishes, as well as under the area where they sleep. Notice the youthfulness and increased activity of your pet within days.

For your “wet pets", place the Sacred G books behind the fish tank to keep the water clean three-times longer than normal.

23. Hot Water Tank

Placing Sacred G Fusion around the hot water tank will energize your water and is great for bathing and showering, as well as washing dishes and doing laundry.

Combine this practice with a natural green product and see how soft your skin becomes.

24. Air Ducts and Fuse Box

Use Sacred G books in the air ducts of your home.

This is a powerful tool to charge and clean the air that circulates throughout your house.

Every member of your family will benefit from the healthy aspects of breathing clean air.

They will also benefit from the positive vibrations emitted from Sacred G.

Place Sacred G in your fuse box to encode the electricity that enters your home with positive vibrations.

If possible, use a case of Sacred G Fusion to facilitate stronger benefits from the technology.

25. Couch Cushions

Place Sacred G underneath the sofa and also under the sofa cushions.

This will boost your energy and enable your body to relax while you are watching TV, DVDs, or playing video games.

You will find that you will become more immersed in the shows that you are watching and your heightened reactions will intensify your emotional experience.

This is a great tool for kids.

It has been reported that using Sacred G in this manner has actually reduced the amount of time that children desire to spend sitting in front of the TV – the technology increases the desire for more physical activity.

26. Picture Frame

Place 1 – 20 Sacred G sheets into a picture frame to create a massive blast of energy for your home or office. Place the picture frame facing where you would like the energy to go.

This practice is very beneficial for the living room, the den or family room, and the bedroom.

The technology will work to keep the energy in the air clear, transcending all negative emotions that cause energy-depleting drama.

To provide a boost in energy and productivity, this is also a great practice for an office, a practitioner’s room, a waiting room, etc.

27. Pictures & Photo Albums

Have you ever had an experience of thinking or talking about someone, when they suddenly called?

We have all have an invisible connection.

Harness this connection with Sacred G by placing the picture of someone that you are dealing with or would like to deal with on some Sacred G.

This practice will send energy vibes to them. Try this, but don’t be surprised when you see how powerful the effects of Sacred G can be.

This is a perfect tool to use when you are having problems with someone and you don’t know how to solve or overcome them.

Sacred G will help bridge the energy gap and bring about a peaceful resolution.

28. Cleaning Products

Activate your cleaning products with Sacred G technology and they will do a better job of cleaning.

Electro magnetic fields from power sources cause the molecules of most cleaning products to coalesce into clusters, making it difficult for the cleaning agents to get into the really tough dirt.

Sacred G splits these clusters apart so that the cleaning products can penetrate deeper and release their cleansing properties.

Most cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals, so make it a priority to use natural and green products as these will assist in keeping your living environment clean and your energy high.

29. Flowers and Plants

Help prolong the life of your cut flowers and house plants by placing a Sacred G sheet underneath their vase or pot.

Sacred G will help them grow strong and even snap them back to life if they have begun dying.

Try using more sheets and see how the results may differ.

Then be sure to share your research with us.

30. Vegetable Gardening

Charge your vegetable seeds with Sacred G before planting them.

Your food will taste better, last longer and fill you up faster.

Sacred G energy influences every generation so be sure to replant new seeds every season.

You can keep some types of seeds growing continuously in their environment by putting Sacred G laminated sheets or directly into the dirt.

Experiment and see what kinds of results you get and then let us know.

I also suggest placing Sacred G under your sprouts if you make them at home.

31. Smartphone

Place a folded up sheet of Sacred G in the case of your smartphone to reduce the heat (up to 87%) and the negative effects of EMFs (electro magnetic fields) emitted by your smartphone.

32. Computer

To reduce the brain-drain feeling you get when you have been sitting at your computer for a while, place Sacred G under your computer monitor and under your keyboard.

This works really well to reduce the negative effects caused from EMFs.

Place some Sacred G around your desk area to increase work productivity by an average of 300%.

33. Backpack

Place a Sacred G book (or folded sheet) into your backpack to charge your lunch and books.

Charging your books with Sacred G technology increases your ability to retain what you read by an average of 300%.

Use Sacred G as a bookmark to help you read and absorb information more effectively.

34. Business Cards

Direct the energy of Sacred G into your business by placing a business card facedown on your chosen design to increase growth and wealth.

You may notice instant effects from this.

This is the next level of simply having a positive intent.

A physical action is always more powerful than just a thought.

Be open to new ideas and direction in your company.

If you need to make more connections and build a team, use Sacred G.

If you are looking for new systems or new ideas to govern your company, use Sacred G.

If you wish to accelerate the momentum of your company, use Sacred G.

If there is too much drama in your company, be sure to use Sacred G.

Add Sacred G to your company or business for an increased focus in building wealth.

35. Vehicle

Lastly, but certainly not least! For so many people, their vehicle is a second home.

Place Sacred G under your seat.

This will reduce the pain and stiffness experienced from long periods of driving.

This technology is priceless for truck drivers, taxi drivers or anyone else who spends a lot of time in their vehicle.

Try putting Sacred G stickers on your gas tank, gas tank lid and fuel filter for increase gas mileage.

Let us know what kind of results you achieve.

About Core Love

About Core Love

Every now and then you hear a story that completely blows your mind, and far exceeds your expectations about what is possible within the realm of the human experience...

Core’s story is like no other, and he presents his message in a way that people can relate to and really connect with. It only takes a moment with Core to feel the energy and light he has brought back with him.

Core Love had his first Near Death Experience at the age of 10 due to a severe brain injury and severe memory loss sustained from a car accident.

He could not remember anything from before the car accident, and could not personally recall any memories beyond 5 days. In addition to the memory loss, Core continued to struggle with depression, seizures, schizophrenia, anxiety, and more, as he tried to live a somewhat normal life.

If that was not enough, Core’s brain began overproducing a special neurotransmitter called Di-methyltriptamine, or DMT for short. DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance produced in the pineal gland and is directly responsible for Near-Death Experiences.

This chemical would release in Core’s brain every five days, inducing a type of near-death experience that would last from 4-12 hours, with the longest one lasting over 4 days.

This excessive production of DMT resulted in Core having over 300 near death experiences in a 5 year period.

Spending over 1000 hours, earth time, on the other side, Core brings a powerful message and technology that will transform the way you look at life, and death... forever!

While on the other side, Core was exposed to extremely high energy states, which consequently began revealing high energy Physics and Advanced Sciences.

Before his journey through the afterlife finished, Core was taught how to build a technology that would eventually heal his brain and restore his memory, 14 years after having lost it.

On the other side, Core was shown what he refers to as “the visions” and was taken on journeys that make science fiction buffs weak in the knees.

Along with recovering his memory, he was also completely healed from the depression, anxiety, and seizures, although the visions, a softer version, still continue to this day.

As the creator of Sacred G Technology, he discovered that there must be a biological system in our body, that is communicating with the environment, in order to shift the ways we feel, think and act.

Over a period of 9 years and rigorous research, Core developed a mathematical model that predicts the shifts in brain chemistry as a result of the Sacred Geometry in the environment.

Using this model, Core developed a series of Art, often referred to as technology, since it can enhance and activate specific regions of the brain.

Sacred G stands for Sacred Geometry and is a new form of art that focuses into activating specific regions of the brain through complex mathematical geometry and color combinations.

Core has sold 2.5 million prints of his art in over 120 countries around the world since 1996 and over 10,000,000 digital downloads have been printed by people looking to enhance the functionality of their body, increase energy and do the simple tests.

Sacred G was featured on an entire episode of MTV's Rob & Big Show where Sacred G was revealed as a High Tech Pure Performance Technology while at the same time, awakening youth to the power of Sacred Geometry.